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Bioloid premium kit with VB.NET

Hi friends! We’ve playing with the Bioloid Premium Kit and guess what…we liked it. At the moment we’ve programmed a little dll to receive some information (torque, temperature, voltage, speed, etc.) and move the Dynamixel AX-12A motors with the CM-530 controller. After a brief talk (with background music as always) we’ve decided to put this kit in Physical Etoys 😀

Here’s the download link.

Stay tuned. Have fun!

Hola amigos! Estuvimos jugando con el kit Premium de Bioloid y adivinen qué…nos gustó. Por el momento hemos programado una pequeña dll para recibir información (torque, temperatura, voltaje, velocidad, etc.) y mover los motores Dynamixel AX-12A con la controladora CM-530. Luego de una charla breve (con música de fondo como siempre) decidimos incorporar este kit a Physical Etoys.

Acá está el link para bajar.

Estén al tanto. Que se diviertan!

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Sphero for .Net

Hi everybody,

If you want to use Sphero for a .Net project now you can use this library Matias wrote: Sphero4Net.

It lets you use Sphero as a sensor, move it around, and change its color. It also includes a simple UI to help you test it.

Have fun!

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