Programmable Minecraft: Experimenting with the mob’s AI

Hello everyone! I bring you another status update of the Programmable Minecraft project.

Following the line of work I shared with you in my previous post on the topic, we incorporated new means of interacting with Minecraft: now users can ask about a particular block using its position as reference, ask about their own position, place living entities (mobs) in the world and disable their AI in order to code their own. Here’s a tiny example:

Have fun!

Hola a todos! Les traigo otro informe del estado del proyecto Minecraft Programable.

Siguiendo la línea de trabajo que compartí con ustedes en mi post anterior, incorporamos nuevas formas de interactuar con Minecraft: ahora los usuarios pueden consultar información respecto a un bloque particular utilizando su posición como referencia, colocar entidades (mobs) en el mundo y deshabilitar su IA para programar la suya propia. Este es un pequeño ejemplo:

Que se diviertan!

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  1. #1 by Kirk W. Fraser on 6/Feb/2015

    Hi, Sorry to intrude but I am looking for someone who can answer a few questions to get me started with Video4Squeak from Physical Etoys. I have moved the video and audio files and code to Squeak 4.5 but I don’t know how to start a camera displaying. I want to work with the video to do machine vision like will be done in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. But I cannot find the author or enough help to know how to make it work and access the video frames to recognize visual objects. My email is Thank you.

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