The objective of this project is to provide a versatile software platform to control Lego Nxt robots within Squeak and Etoys. It needs to be easy to use and powerful enough for non-trivial projects.

SqueakNxt supports two programming modes:

  • Direct: The script will be executed in the computer and the orders will be transferred to the robot via direct commands. Requires a bluetooth or wired connection with the robot in order to run.
  • Compiled: The script will be compiled and run inside the robot. No communication with the computer is used afterwards.

Currently, the usb connection only works in Windows with the Fantom driver installed (you can download it from the Lego website). We haven’t found a linux equivalent yet, but you can still use the bluetooth connection.

NOTE: This project has now become a part of Physical Etoys.


The easiest way to get started with this project is to simply download Physical Etoys.

Source code

To get the source code, you should check the SqueakNxt squeaksource repository.

    This project has been developed in Smalltalk, a dynamic object oriented programming language. If you’re new to Smalltalk we strongly recommend you to give it a try. One of the best ways to learn Smalltalk is to download one of the versions of Smalltalk (we recommend you to start either with Squeak or Pharo), install it, and grab a copy of one of the many free online Smalltalk books.

    If you’re already familiar with Smalltalk we encourage you to take a look at the project’s source code and, if you feel like it, contribute some of your own code to the project. We would highly appreciate your contributions.



    This project is being developed under the MIT license.

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